R53 P2096 Error Code

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    Hi all,
    I searched for the error code but haven't found anything recent and also had a few questions so I started this thread. Wasn't sure if I should reply to an old thread or start a new one. Forgive me if I'm supposed to just reply to the old thread.
    Anyway I've had a P2096 for the past few months. Checked it on an ODBII scan tool and figured it was the O2 sensor. I replaced both and my mechanic reset the code and it all was fine. I drive away happy. Fast forward I start the car and the light is back. I use my scan tool and it's the same P2096. I check the O2 sensors and bank 1 is bouncing up and down while bank 2 is steady.
    Is bank 1 supposed to bounce up and down at idle? When I give it gas it steady's up.
    Now I read that P2096 is a hard code. How can I tell if it's triggering b/c the fault is still there or b/c the code is still in the computer?
    BTW my inspection is up at the end of the month so I'm suddenly pressed for time! DAMN IT!!!
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    It was your O2 and since those are replaced you need a BMW scan tool to clear the hard code stored in the ROM.

    Your local MINI dealership can do it for you for a fee.

    A typical scanner / code reader will not do it.

    You cou;d also buy the BavTech cable in the link below for $179.00 and connect your car via a Windows laptop with the downloadable BavTech software.

    Hint: do not register your VIN to the software and you can use this cable on several cars.

    I had this cable and software when I still had a factory ECU and it is an excellent tool and worth the money. I sold it in the Spring when I upgraded to a ViPEC / Link ECU.

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    The Bavtech device is the bomb. Well worth it f you plan on keeping the car. And, 2096 code can be from intake or exhaust leak so be prepared to dig a bit more if it comes back once cleared.
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