Peachtree BMW CCA HPDE July 4-5 Road Atlanta

Discussion in 'Track Days & HPDE's' started by Nathan, Jun 1, 2009.

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    I'm not in the habit of promoting these for various clubs but I felt I needed to promote this one.

    Email received today about the July 4-5 event. It's on the verge of cancelation due to low registration numbers. I know it's not inexpensive at $470 for non-members but this is ROAD ATLANTA!!

    As registration is low they are going to drop one run group meaning more track time for all.

    I attended this event in 07 and I just have to say it was very well run. The track is a blast. There is nothing like hurtling through the ess'es, pulling 1.4gs in the banked turn 6, zipping down the long back straight and wondering if the shift up to 6th is worth it...Then that drop after turn 11, I think part of my stomach is still there.

    And for you wheel fans...BBS USA is right next to the track!

    Register for the event at: : BMW CCA - Peachtree Chapter - Driving Events announces July Driving School (Fri 3 - Sun 5 Jul, 2009) info at Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA 30517

    Some pics from my visit:


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    May 5, 2009
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    i couldn't believe it when i read that e-mail. Road Atlanta events usually sell out within two days after registration is opened to non-peachtree chapter people. i won't be back on track until the race car is finished, but i hope to make it there for oktoberfest.
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    Bad weekend. NASA was just at Barber going to be at RA June 12-14 PCA is at Barber June 20-21 Chin was at RA Monday and Lotus was at Barber Monday so lots of events still out there. I bet I've only seen 3 MINI's total in DE events this year.

    Counts are down a bit this year and in July it's pretty hot.

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