3rd Gen F56 Cooper S Picking Catback with best gains w/out ECU tune?

Discussion in '3rd Generation: 2014+ F54, F55, F56, F57, F60' started by Mello, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Jun 28, 2016
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    I run my 2015 Cooper S Automatic in SCCA solo D-street (against the WRX's and now the FRS/BRZ twins without Toyota tuning kit).
    I'm looking to buy a catback system if I can realize even a little better low RPM throttle response (torque figures below 2000 rpm for instance).
    Peak HP gains would be nice too, naturally.

    Some events I run are at high altitude and the automatic could use a little help when leaving the line as well as maybe downshifting coming out of corners.
    The downshifting isn't too big a deal, I can fix that completely by simply anticipating more and getting back on the throttle sooner.
    - but, Wow, overall, the automatic works really well in solo!

    I had people coming up to me at the last event at high altitude in Sierra Vista saying they were amazed at how fast it upshifts.
    I had 3d quickest time in about a 15 car street tire indexed PAX class.
    Would have had first if I had thought to try power-braking leaving the line during the official runs.
    Tried it later during time-only fun runs and the car was definitely faster. No one else in the Street tire Indexed class went that much faster during time-only's

    So, I'd like to find the best cat back that works without an ECU tune to remain legal in D-street.

    I'm leaning towards a dual mode exhaust like the JCW tuning kit hardware (but w/out the ECU tune), the Armytrix valvetronic, the Milliteck dual mode, or maybe a single mode like the NM or quicksilver.
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    Sorry I can't help. It sounds like your doing good!
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    I have a Milltek on my 2006 MCSa and it ran just fine at the track on weekends, but even better after I got a Jan tune.
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    Turbos respond well to a less restrictive exhaust. The new F56 is not as well know as far as mods go. It may take a while for the aftermarket to catch up. I'd try contacting different makers to see what gains they are seeing. Take what you read with a grain of salt, folks selling things sometimes exaggerate a bit.

    It is interesting hear how your autobox works well in solo use. Will your car let you use the brake & gas at the same time? If it does the left foot braking is there to use. Most all cars now have the built in nanny keep you from doing that.

    Good luck uncorking some more pony's out of your MINI & good luck in the coming autox season.

    Welcome to M/A

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