Possible JB4 for sale. (B46/B48)

Discussion in '3rd Generation Parts For Sale' started by Johntotah94, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Jul 4, 2014
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    This post is for the possible sale of my Burger Tuning JB4 on my F56 MINI.

    I love this thing and it is an excellent power add on along with being an excellent failsafe computer to protect against Overboost, AFR Rich/Lean, Meth flow, etc...

    The reason I am possibly selling is because I may go into a project of running a Standalone ECU for the F56. That being said, my JB4 is likely not needed.

    I am in California and I WILL SHIP to California also. Burger Tuning will not ship to California due to rules and regulations of the SMOG Laws.

    This will include:

    2) BMS DATA CABLE (To connect to computer and do logs)
    3) BMS OBD CABLE (To map switch on your dash, delete codes, modify settings and other functions) VERY COOL!
    4) FLEX FUEL WIRES (Extra sensor connection so JB4 can manipulate fuel trims)
    (FYI you can leave the flex fuel wires plugged in and run normal fuel, its just IN CASE you wanted to modify the values to run E85, you can. With this you now get extra functions on the JB4 application)

    Still in talks, Just getting a feeler if anyone is interested.



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