R53 Power Loss possible causes

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by Scavenger, May 8, 2021.

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    I've got this issue that is driving me a bit crazy. My R53 exhibits a power loss after driving for a while. I've tried to isolate circumstances, such as AC on or off, temperature, etc. The thing that makes it so difficult to troubleshoot is that I'm not getting any codes. I've considered several things, from slipping clutch to failing throttle body or throttle position sensor. Here's where my thinking is now, but I need some help remembering.

    Recently, I remembered that I had my crank pulley/damper replaced many years ago, and was trying to remember what the symptoms were that led to it, it does seem like I had codes/lights at the time. The pulley was replaced with OEM. So, I'm wondering whether it could be failing again but not yet at the point of throwing codes.

    If it is indeed the culprit, I'll be going aftermarket this time! So, can anyone help me remember what the symptoms that were felt leading up to this pulley failing?

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