Pre-Order for DoS R60/R61 Carbon CAI is now Live!!

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    Hi there, M/A!

    It's Clint from DoS!

    I'm very excited to announce that Defenders of Speed is now taking pre-orders for the DoS R60/R61 Cold Air Intake (fits Turbocharged Countryman & Paceman, N18 Engine).


    It's taken quite a bit of time and resources to develop this product. Here are the highlights:
    • Enclosed Cold Air Intake (CAI) system
    • Carbon fiber housing shields incoming air from hot engine bay conditions.
    • Significantly larger air filter than OEM or any of our competitors.
    • Dry (non-oiled) lifetime air filter media makes for extremely easy cleaning.
    • Multiple air inlet options = (You can take advantage of this CAI system with or without cutting a hole in your bulkhead panel.)
    • Multiple sound tuning options = (You can keep you and your significant other happy.)


    We're offering TWO models of the DoS R60/R61 CAI Kit, the 'Street' Version and the 'Performance/Track' Version to meet a range of performance & sound needs.

    The DoS R60/R61 Street CAI comes with a sealed plastic cap on its housing nosecone. This is the quiet-est kit option.
    If you want your Street CAI to make more sound yet not be sucking in hot air at lower speeds, you can remove the plastic cap and pop an optional Noise Baffle into the Street CAI nosecone. It is available as an option on the R60/R61 CAI product page.

    The R60/R61 Performance/Track CAI comes with a noise baffle as a standard part. It gets mounted in the snorkel between the CAI housing and the bulkhead.


    Here's the Pre-Order Pricing Breakdown:

    Pricing for the DoS R60/R61 Street CAI*:
    • Introductory/Pre-Order pricing =$326.13
    • Price after 8/11/13 =$368.67
    *This is the quiet version of the intake with no bulkhead panel cutting involved. If you want your Street CAI to be bit more vocal, select the "Add Noise Baffle" Option on the product page.

    Pricing for DoS R60/R61 Performance/Track CAI**:
    • Introductory/Pre-Order pricing =$383.78
    • Price after 8/11/13 =$433.84
    **Product Note: You must cut a hole in your bulkhead panel (or order a pre-modified one from DoS) to install the DoS R60/R61 Performance/Track CAI.



    Pre-Orders for Minis in the Mountains (MITM) 2013 attendees will be shipped to the event for customer pickup or installation at the event.

    Pre-Orders for customers that will not be attending MITM 2013 will begin shipping-out on 8/14/13.


    For those who order the Performance Track R60/R61 CAI Kit and want to save some installation time, the Pre Modified R60/R61 Bulkhead Panels can be purchased here:

    R60/R61 Modified Upper Bulkhead Panel for DoS CAIs

    The Dry Filter Cleaning Kits for the R60/R61 CAI can be found here:

    DoS Dry Filter Cleaning Kit (No Oil)


    Check out this thread, drop me a PM, or send me an email if you have any questions. :Thumbsup:


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