2nd Gen R56 Cooper S Pulstar Plasma Core Spark Plugs

Discussion in '2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61' started by vetsvette, Jul 2, 2014.

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    I am thinking of ordering a set of these and am wondering if anyone else has tried them. If anyone has used them successfully in an N14 engine could you please let me know which part number you used. I'm getting conflicting information from multiple sources and don't want to spend $60 on a set of plugs that won't fit or work. Thanks for any info.
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    Not worth the money. Just stick with NGK plugs. Why do you think you need them?

    I used to run Brisk Silvers and then they started to have issues. I went back to NGK and all is well again. For Plugs, Coil's and Wires OEM is just as good and even better than the aftermarket stuff.

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