R56 Caster Camber Plates now available

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    I cant let Madness have all the fun.
    As typical Greene Performance here bringing you real performance upgrades for your mini.

    these are similar to our R53 plates in that they are still made out of 6061 grade high quality aluminum, CNC Milled and Anodized for protection.
    We use all stainless hardware and Teflon lined mono-balls that will support over 20 thousand pounds each.

    Pricing is 435$ for a pair and if you need perches for stock springs
    its 115
    or 100 for coil-over springs.
    However talk to me about if you already have coil-overs for a solution to fit them. it may be less expensive than you think.

    The red however is a one off pair for a member on here to match his car. He put money in over a year ago to help get these made so i wanted to do something special for his commitment to me to help get this made.


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