Engine Drivetrain 2nd Gen S R56 Hidden OBC Menu....

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    I found this on one of the UK boards and found it interesting.....
    I was liking the idea of adding this info to show the actual coolant temperature without adding a separate "stand alone" gauge, and having it show on the "info" screen located on the tach face (scroll through to 7.0 and hit the reset button).

    Has anyone tried this yet?

    Sorry about the post size. I tried to convert this to a PDF file, but my Apple won't let me......:incazzato:

    ....."Has anyone found any secret menus on the new MINIs yet? Something like the stuff below? I know, I for one, would like to be able to reset the service interval indicator (at some point) and perhaps reprogram the fuel maps upon replacing spark plugs, etc. I still need to get my Auterra cable hooked up to see if I can read MINI fault codes from the ODBII interface.

    How to show RPM, Fuel Level, Speed and more on your Odometer Digital DisplayDISCLAIMER:

    Do not undertake any DIY project that you are not qualified to perform. If you have questions about this project, you should consult with experienced professionals and/or your MINI dealer before undertaking it. Always follow standard safety guidelines for car repair in performing DIY projects.

    The information displays in place of your mileometer, so you DO NOT have to have the MINI OBC/Trip Computer option to see this.

    A complete list of functions is below, this example is how to get into the menu number '7'.
    1. With the key in the ignition, but in the off position, press and hold down the odometer reset button, while holding the button down, switch the key in the ignition to position 1.
    2. The screen will say 'Test' and a number.
    3. Scroll through, (pressing reset button) through to test 19 and wait a moment.
    4. Wait and the message will say "log i-off" then "log i-on" and back to "log i-off" again. When "log i-off" appears, press again. You are now in the system. (Woooo)
    5. You can (if you wish) start the ignition any time from now.
    6. Scroll through to test 7.0 (or whichever from the list below) and wait a moment, after a pause you will enter the test 7.* range of information.
    7. You can scroll through now (7.1,7.2,7.3 etc.) using the reset button.
    8. You can exit each menu by pressing, holding for a few seconds, then releasing the reset button.
    9. To leave the system scroll to 19 and leave it for a few moments.
    Switching off the ignition also exits the system.

    1.0 Chassis number
    1.1 Kilometer count
    1.2 Parts number
    1.3 Coding-, Diagnostic- and Bus-index
    1.4 Production Date (Calender week/year)
    1.5 Hard- and Software status
    1.6 Injectorstatus, Cylinder count, Engine factor.

    2.0 Combisystem Test

    3.0 Service intervall counter

    4.0 Actual fuel consumption in l/100km. eg.0154 = 15,4 liters/100kms.
    4.1 Consumption in liters/100kms.

    5.0 Distance consumption in l/100kms.
    5.1 Actual rest distance with available fuel in Kms.

    6.0 Actual amount of fuel in tank. eg. 123321 =12,3liters left 32,1 liters right
    6.1 Total amount of fuel in tank.
    6.2 Show value of Fuel guage. 1= both senders OK, 2= sender failure, 3=ti signal unplausible (no reading)

    7.0 Actual coolant temp.
    7.1 Actual outside temp.
    7.2 Actual engine revs.
    7.3 Actual speed

    8.0 Hexadecimal readings of menu 7.0 to 7.3

    9.0 Actual on board voltage (Battery)

    10.0 Land codes

    11.0 Unit codes

    12.0 No funktion

    13.0 Gong test

    14.0 - 14.4 On board diagnostic codes. eg 000000 = no failures

    15.0 - 18.0 No funktion

    19.0 On/Off for Test menu.

    20.0 Correction factor for Fuel consumption
    Formula for correction:
    Shown consumption x 1000 / user defined consumption
    Push the trip reset button to begin the correction. Numbers count up from 0-9, when correct number shows push trip reset button.

    20.1 Sets 10ths. for consumption factor
    20.2 Sets 100ths. and 1000ths. for consumption factor
    20.3 Saves the new consumption factor and shows new value

    21.0 Software reset. (Same as disconnecting battery)


    I have not been able to get speed into MPH, if you can update me with how to do this (if it's possible), then feel free to do so.

    Your MINI's computer may give more or less information than stated above....."
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    Good find. I would be very interested in this type of info.

    I'm gonna give it a try when I find the time.
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    This is a great find Chuck.... :Thumbsup:

    Not sure it will be accessible to me. Heck I can't even work the darned radio in Babs new clubster. :crazy:
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    This must be for the 1st gen. In step 1 it says to switch the key in the ignition to position 1.
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    Good catch... That little detail blew by me.... This should be moved then.... Sorry...:eek:
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    There is something similar for the 2nd Gen...trying to locate that info now. From memory I think it was to hold the ODO reset button for 12 seconds or some such thing. Add up your VIN digits, enter that at some point and then you get access to the menu.

    A quick search turned up a Youtube video.
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    Found this today...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqgyFYdHE0o]MINI Cooper Experts Accessing Hiden DATA - YouTube[/ame]
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    This is pretty scary for me to attempt but the idea is great! Maybe I will screw up the guts to give it a try:fingerscrossed:

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