Rally legends Paddy Hopkirk and David Richards compete in MINI's

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    Rally legends Paddy Hopkirk and David Richards will be going head to head driving Minis on the new RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge in just three weeks time. The Mini Cooper driver and Monte Carlo Rally winner, and the former British and World Rally Champion will drive differently powered Minis on the 60-mile challenge. Each will be trying to be the most efficient in terms of energy used by their respective cars.

    Paddy Hopkirk, who made both he and the Mini legends by winning the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, will drive a production Mini Cooper Diesel. David Richards CBE will drive a prototype electric powered Mini-E. As well as being a former British and World Rally Champion, Richards is today best known for his more recent successes in motorsport, not least through his company Prodrive. His latest venture is to bring the Mini back into the World Rally Championship. The new car, which will compete next year, was unveiled last month at the Paris Motor Show.

    “The Mini is an incredible car and this event will highlight its amazing versatilityâ€, said David Richards. “I am really looking forward to the event and competing against Paddy to see who can be most efficient. However, I will have to damp down my competitive spirit, as will Paddy, to ensure we get the most out of our cars to try to win the trophy for each of our classes.â€

    The two Minis will join over 60 other new-energy vehicles with a wide range of power sources. As well as electric and low-emission internal combustion power, there will be various forms of hybrid as well as two cars that are powered by hydrogen competing in the event.

    Leading manufacturers taking part include BMW, , FIAT, Ford, Honda, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Renault, Skoda, Smart, Tata, Tesla, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Both cars and light commercial vehicles are participating, including a number of manufacturers’ prototypes.
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    not directly related, but, did anybody see the Aston-Martin compact? Prodrive owns A-M.

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