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Discussion in 'MINI5280' started by Melissab, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone!!

    Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful fall. Just wanted to remind those of you who value getting your Mini back quickly, that at Ferney's Lube and Auto, we will get you in, and out, PROMPTLY so you do not feel like this: :mad2:

    PLUS we will give you a ride to your home/office or a local coffee shop whenever we possibly can. :beer (yes, I know that is beer, not coffee, but you get the idea...)

    We realize your life does not stop when your car needs work, and we consider a promise time....well, a promise. :Thumbsup:

    Call Erik at (303) 762-9516 to get a tune up, check your brakes, etc., and get your Mini the TLC it deserves!!

    Meanwhile, Happy Motoring!!
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    Thanks for being a Motoring Alliance sponsor.

    By doing so you are helping all of us here in this wonderful online community.

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