2nd Gen R56 Cooper S Results from the Carly app

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    Anyone got any insight on these error codes?
    I'm guessing the 002880 is the hpfp?
    0. Motor Control:
    Engine / Motor:
    - Fault: High-pressure system
    - Code: 002880
    Dynamische Stabilitpts Control / DSC:
    - Fault: :unkown error / Wheel speed / Worn front brake pads / Plausibility of the rotation -. Generally wheel speed sensor
    - Code: 005E5C
    - Fault: :Implausible front brake pads / Exhaust VL / Outlet valve on the left front
    - Code: 005DE5
    5. Instrumentation:
    Instrument cluster / Kombiinstrument:
    - Fault: :Short-circuit switch
    - Code: 009314

    Tire pressure control / Reifendruck Kontrolle:
    - Fault: rdc error system
    - Code: 00604E
    - Fault: left wheel sensor error
    - Code: 006054
    - Fault: wheel sensor error P
    - Code: 006055

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  2. David Mc

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    Apr 19, 2015
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    Fault codes have been identified in relation to the High Pressure Fuel Pump, Dynamic Stability Control, Instrument cluster and Tyre pressure control.
    The DSC fault relates to a wheel speed sensor reading that may be the result of worn brake pads or an ABS exhaust valve fault. The instrument cluster is a faulty switch and tyre pressure control fault relates again to a wheel speed sensor. Before you get too excited, check the tyre pressures all around, then clear all the fault codes and run another diagnostic. This will eliminate any stored historical faults and return only information relevant to your car's current condition. Wheel sensor faults can result from uneven tyre pressures, slip due to one (or more) wheels slipping, such as can occur when one wheel is on the unsealed shoulder of the road whilst others are on the sealed tarmac, or tyre faults (flat/blowout etc.).

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