Entertainment Electronics 1st Gen Review : Craven Speed iPhone 3G and 3GS Swivel Cradle

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by Nathan, Nov 20, 2009.

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    On 10/18 I purchased the iPhone 3G and 3GS Swivel Cradle from Craven Speed and being the frugal person I am when it comes to shipping, opted for the less expensive USPS Priority Mail option. Just 2 says later a small package was in the mailbox.

    I should not that I already have the Craven bracket that connects to the back of the tach as I once had plans for plethora of gauges. For many reasons that never panned out. I've also been using their Garmin Nuvi mount for some time now too and have that hanging on the right side of the steering wheel.

    Since I wanted to use the iPhone cradle on the left side and because I have a smaller than OEM Wheel Kellen suggested I add a Tibia to extend the range. Installation is simple. Just use the supplied bolts to connect the tibia to the iPhone Cradle and aforementioned tach bracket. Don't fully tighten it all until you have the iPhone Cradle in the location you desire.

    For those of us with a slightly more stiff suspension than stock out of the box the swivel capabilities are set a little light. This is easily adjusted by tightening the bolt to compress the spring a little more.

    I really wish there was more to write here but the product works. There are two very small complaints I have. One is that Craven has moved from an anodized finish to a powder coating. My Garmin mount is anodized, the iPhone Cradle connectors are powder coated. I happen to like the anodized look more. Tis really no big deal and the powder coating does match the iPhone Cradle finish. The other little niggle has to do with the fact the cradle does not accept an iPhone housed in a case.

    All in all the iPhone is yet another well designed, functional product from Craven Speed and I have no qualms in giving it 2 thumbs up.


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