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    I'm excited to say we have a MINI trip to Barber Museum in September. If you have never been, this is an amazing place and we are lucky to have such an awesome facility in Alabama. We are getting a guided tour including the Basement Level/Restoration Shop which is closed to the general public! And we are even getting to go on the track! Now cool down your superchargers, its just parade laps and photo ops but its one of the nicest tracks in Alabama you get to see.

    Cost will be $22 for the guided tour and then $15 per person for the parade laps after the tour.

    More info and sign up here on our event page:

    Timeline - September 13th, 2014:
    (7:45am) - Meet at Greenbrier Chevron, 6725 Swancott Rd, Madison, AL
    (8:00am) - Leave Chevron for Barber Museum
    (9:30am) - Arrive Barber Museum, 6030 Barber Motorsports Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35094
    (9:50am) - Finish checking in and begin tour
    (12:00pm) - Begin Parade Laps
    (12:30pm) - Leave for Lunch
    (1:00pm) - Lunch at Billy's Bar & Grill, 4520 Overton Rd, Birmingham, AL 35210
    (2:00pm) - Fun spirited drive around Birmingham
    (3:00pm) - Head home

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