Rumormill: Mini Countryman Coupe in the works

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    From AutoBlog

    At first take, it's not easy to accept the 2011 Mini Countryman crossover. We understand. But after our first drive of the pint-sized CUV, it started to make more sense. We're hoping to have similar revelations about a coupe version of the Countryman, which is reportedly being considered within Mini's product development department. That's right – a Mini X6.

    Mini is allegedly hot about the idea of doing a Countryman-based coupe after seeing Land Rover debut its Range Rover Evoque, which has a two-door configuration, small proportions and a coupe-like styling theme. Autocar reports that if this project gets the green light, we would more than likely see the Countryman Coupe around 2013 with a four-door layout that ditches conventional rear entryways for a set of suicide doors. On top of that, the coupe would have a shorter rear overhang than the CUV and much shallower side windows. Think lifted, rakish Clubman.

    We'll already be seeing a production version of Mini's Coupe concept out on the streets in the near future, but expect the two-door Countryman to be vastly different, similar to the way that a BMW 3 Series coupe and an X6 are wholly opposite vehicles. As a crossover, we've grown to rather like the Countryman, but truth be told, there's a big part of us that's hoping this coupe project simply fades into the depths of the rumormill.
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    Couldn't agree more...

    with this part:

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