Runaway Mini Cooper causes $16,000 damage, hits house

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    Cambridge Times
    By Bill Jackson
    CAMBRIDGE – Gary Baverstock and his wife were awoken early this past Sunday morning (Dec. 14) by their 26-year-old daughter who heard a large bang outside their Gordon Street home.

    Back in 2005, a station wagon crashed into the home, which is situated on a hill on Gordon Street in west Galt.

    “She didn’t think it was another car, because what are the chances?†Baverstock said. “She thought it was a tree or something.â€

    But when the family went outside to investigate, sure enough, a red Mini Cooper had plowed into the side of their garage, its back wheels suspended by a retaining wall that abuts a neighbour’s property.

    According to police, the unattended Mini Cooper was parked up the hill when, at about 2:45 a.m., it started to roll. It’s not currently known why.

    On its way downhill, the car crossed two lawns, damaging a car parked car.

    In total, damage is estimated at approximately $16,000, including $5,000 damage to the garage.

    Both incidents seemingly involved unoccupied, parked cars and Baverstock doesn’t suspect any foul play, though anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Waterloo Regional Police at 519-653-7700 ext. 2299.

    “We’re just glad nobody got hurt,†he said. “But it’s a huge inconvenience to ourselves because I don’t know how long this is going to take to get repaired. We’re getting into Christmas, we’re busy with work.â€

    A structural engineer visited the home Monday to further assess the damage.

    “At first it was kind of like yeah, okay, this stuff happens,†said Baverstock. “Today it’s sort of like we’ve got to do this, we have a deductible to pay. It’s a lot of inconvenience.â€

    As a local real estate broker, Baverstock has already thought of a sales pitch for the home, which features a single cr garage.

    “Great west Galt home with room for extra parking.â€
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    ^^^^ hahahaha Snow tires did not provide enough grip to overcome stupid driving in wet conditions.
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    Supposedly an autonomous MINI. Pull up on the parking brake folks.
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    Guess that driver didn't turn his wheels into the curb...just in case the parking brake and/or clutch failed....
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    Good thing that house was there, the car might have fallen in that hole!

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