Interior 2nd Gen Schwaben 14020SCH BMW/MINI Scanner - Window Reinitialization and Activation

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    For an unknown reason the passenger window on our clubby stopped returning to the fully up position* when the door was closed. So I checked to see if that could be reset with the Schwaben scanner. I found the reinitialization process and that did the trick. The window now goes all the way up when the door is closed.

    To do so follow these steps. (Note: There will a few informational windows which you need to hit F1 for okay to continue.)

    On the scanner navigate to the Main Group.
    From the Main Group choose:
    3 Service --> 4 Body --> 1 Locking and security functions --> 3 Power windows
    Then select the desired door and follow the instructions. Choose End service when done.

    Before I found the reinitialization function I found the component activation section to roll up and down the windows. This could potentially be useful for troubleshooting.

    From the Main Group
    2 Control Units --> 1 Body --> 20 FRM Footwell Module --> 7 Component activation --> Power window front
    and then choose to open/close desired window.

    Note: in the Component activation window, option 1 is to Reset control unit. I'm not sure what it does but I tried it anyways. What I did notice is that the driver's window would no longer return to the fully up position when closed. Reinitialization fixed it as well.

    *This is regarding that auto dip or whatever feature it's called when the window goes down a bit when you open the door and then when you close it the window returns to it's previous position. In this case the window just kept going down a bit but never up.

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