Interior 1st Gen Seat Belt Rewinder

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by patchelect, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Has anyone devised a decent method of getting the seal belt rewinder to work properly? My car came with the drivers side stops and plastic bits missing and was apparent to me that the reason was because the belt won't rewind without lots of coaxing and the belt was getting caught in the door when it was closed. Is it something that can be lubed or am I up against a bigger problem. I only got the car at the end of October, and between some necessary repair work and winter weather I haven't tried to get a look see at reaching the mechanism.
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    You could try pulling / extending the belt out all the way to see if it got twisted somehow causing it to not recoil properly. I have not had any problems with my 05 seat belts.
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    The cabrio belts can be a bit weak to retract even when not twisted.
    But they can also get a half twist in them and be much worse.
    If twisted, you just have to work it in and out until you can work the twist out of the housing slot.
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    The return spring on mine is weak so I just jiggle the strap as it works it's way back in. My co-pilot, on the other hand, doesn't pay attention and the strap gets shut in the door once in a while and it takes her a couple of tries to get herself buckled in. I said something about it...once...and got 'The Look'.

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