September 11th

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    September 11 2001 was not the first attack on the trade towers. The first one was February 26 1993, it claimed 6 victims. It did not bring down the towers but they hoped it would. Those that would threaten our way of life have a long view so should we.

    Please remember.................. Where were you on September 11 2001?

    I took of from Boston Logan airport very early in the morning. From there I flew to Newark NJ, then to LAX. I had been in the hotel maybe 30 or 40 min. I woke up and couldn't sleep. I turned on the TV and they were talking about a light twin hitting the trade towers. They showed the replay, I know it was no light twin and it was not an accident. Then I saw the second plane hit. I knew we were under attack. Latter that morning my wife told me there were long lines for gas. Two men got in an argument in line. When a cop tried to calm them down they turned on him. I was a thousand miles from home and no way to get there to take care of my family.
    Several times the next 6 or so days I would be called to the airport to try to get the jet home, only to be told we could not fly.
    I will never forget walking on the beach and seeing a destroyer parked in line with the runways of LAX. Its job was clear.

    I ask tomorrow you remember the 2,996 people that lost their lives. Every day people in the towers, some jumping to their death rather then be burned alive, some trying to help. Remember the First responders, Police and Firemen That ran in, not away. Our sheep dogs. Remember our service men some that would be sent to foreign lands to fight. But on that day some were sent in to the air With orders to take out any aircraft that did not comply with orders to land. Remember the air crews of those flights.

    I converted my NRA membership to a life membership today, tomorrow I will be on the range. But most of all I will renew my resolve.

    Never Agin.
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    I remember exactly where I was. Working in a machine shop in Whitehall, PA. It was country music day. (We had to cycle through the local radio stations to keep everybody happy.) But after the second plane hit... everyone had news radio tuned in and production came to a screeching hault. It was a surreal day not having seen any of it in real time... just hearing the pandemonium like the "War of the Worlds" through the stereos.

    It was a terribly somber night once I saw the news that evening.

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    I was away from my home and family, on a wildland fire assignment, on the morning of 9/11. I called home, waking my wife, soon after I had switched my pickup radio from music to the news, where I was able to learn of the attacks. All I was able to do was comfort my wife and kids over the phone and listen to my wife describe what she was seeing. Due to the remote location of our assignment, it wasn't until late in the afternoon, after my Strike Team had returned to the Incident Base, that I was able to see any TV coverage. A very disturbing scene to say the very least.....

    Along with the many innocent victims of the WTC tragedy, the 343 FDNY firefighters who lost their lives that day accounts for the largest single loss of life in Fire Service history. "Never Forget"

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    Seems like yesterday, it was so shocking--I was in the surgery lounge between cases, one of my colleagues briefly caught me up while we watched it live on TV, right after the first plane hit and there was confusion with regard to what was going on, initially we all thought a commercial airliner or private plane had accidentally and catastrophically flown into the tower. And while we were watching live, the second plane hit the remaining tower, and it was painfully obvious that this was an attack. Everything came to a grinding halt. The day eventually continued, but in retrospect we should have cancelled everything; no one could concentrate on what they were doing.
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    I was working from home and got a call from my sister asking me if I thought we were under attack. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was very upset and told me to turn on the TV. I turned it on, just in time to see the second plane hit. Total disbelief this could be happening. I live within a mile of Site R and five miles from Camp David. Within in minutes of seeing the plane hit, I could hear the Air Force fighters screaming over the farm, making long, low level sweps of the area. They were there all day.
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    I was just starting work when I heard it on the radio. I turned on the TV to see what was happening. It's the only day since we've been in business that the phone didn't ring. I prayed that it would the next day.

    I think about the people who lost their lives in the towers and the ones who died fighting to get the ones responsible. Then to hear our governor make a statement that we should fund al-qaeda to fight in the middle east makes you think some have forgotten.
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    When I first heard about it I was driving into work at the help desk for a Railroad. Happened to be listening to the radio that day instead of a CD. At first I thought it was some War of the Worlds type broadcast. This can't be true I kept telling myself. Walking from the parking garage to the building in downtown Baltimore I walked by a scrolling news ticker and saw the headline. This removed the hoax notion.

    Our dept ran 24/7/365. When I still saw the overnight shift still in place, the phones going bonkers and our Sr Management taking calls I knew things were not right.

    I do not remember much else from that day.
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    I was working that morning, checking the lights in our building when a security guard stated, an airplane hit the World Trade Center! I think we all had the same reaction, a small airplane had crashed. As everyone began heading to the break room to check out the TV, we were shocked as we watched the second aircraft slam into the second tower... There was silence and shock for what we thought was a freak accident turned out to be the most horrible attack on US soil. The building closed shortly after so everyone could be with their family's. You could see the smoke from our home. Several friends worked there so not knowing what happened to them lasted what seemed like a lifetime. Most were not there but some others were not so lucky.
    I know I will never forget..
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    I had called in sick to work that morning, mostly because I wanted to and it was a slow week. I logged onto the MacAddict forums, where I was a moderator and saw the thread title "CHECK OUT THE TV NOW" and turned on the news.

    I watched in disbelief for a bit and saw the second plane hit.

    On the forums we started working together, trying to piece the whole story out from the various news sources that we were watching and monitoring. I was talking in real time to friends across the country, reading their reactions, trying to make sense of it. We asked those on Dial-up connections to please disconnect, to keep the phone lines clear for those who needed to call family.

    I spent the whole day watching, and posting. I remember later that evening, a Afghani anti-Taliban militia sent rockets at the airbase in Kabul, and thought "Damn we move fast!" Little did I know.

    The next day one of my Forum friends posted this image she had drawn. Thought I should share.

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    I was in my office in Heidleberg, Germany, US Army Europe. Watched the second plane hit with an office full of US and German co-workers. My 25 minute drive home that day lasted 4 hours. US installations and housing locked down tight. Before long, we started planning for Iraq invasion. Long hours, no time off for months.
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    I go to Shanksville every couple of years and I will never forget that first time,

    unless you have been there it is not what you expect. I'm going to go next

    month again and say my prayers, it IS sacred ground.

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