Snakes on a Plane....Old bout in a MINI

Discussion in 'Weird MINI News' started by Nathan, Jul 10, 2013.

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    [ame=]7 FT Snake Pulled Out of BMW! BOA Pulled Out Thru Taillight At Dealership On Video - YouTube[/ame]

    7 FT Snake Pulled Out of MINI! BOA Pulled Out Thru Taillight At Dealership On Video. A South Florida dealership got an interesting phone call after a woman's pet boa constrictor was stuck inside the paneling of her car. Vista BMW in Coconut Creek gets lost of service calls during the week, but the call that they received Monday morning was by far the strangest. "I got the phone call and my son and my wife are Herpetologist and we've had snakes as pets, so everyone in the dealership knows to call me when there is a snake involved," said Mitch Packer who received the call about the snake.
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    Crazy Florida.... Ya never know what's going to happen next...:arf:

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