SneedSpeedShop Oil Cooler Kits R53 and R56

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    Oil Cooler Kit
    Do you track your MINI? Want it to live a longer, more powerful life? Then the Sneed's Speed Shop Oil Cooler Kit is for you. We designed this kit for MINIs that drive on the street but spend time on the track too. After seeing MINIs coming off the track with 300+ oil temp, we knew something had to be done or we would be building a lot of engines. After shopping around for an oil cooler, we decided to build our own. By using a laser cut billet aluminum adapter plate, aluminum aircraft fittings, and a fin and tube cooler unit, we saved weight, added cooling capacity and made a heavier duty kit than others. We’ve been using this oil cooler on our MINI and customer’s MINIs for over two years.

    This oil cooler kit is designed for 03-06 MINI Cooper S, 6 speed. The kit comes with all parts and instructions. It is not a universal type kit; it was designed and tested on US R53 MINIs. Some bumper brace trimming is required to fit the cooler unit on to the car.

    Price: $498.56-R53
    Price: $529.00-R56-------NOW AVAILABLE R56 KITS NOW AVAILABLE--------

    Call (336) 923-2044 to order.
    Ask for Preston

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    So what temps can we expect on track and in street driving?

    - Marc

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