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    I've been doing some thinking since yesterday's events and I have decided that I'm going to take several people's advice and separate myself from those that I can no longer stand to be around. The easiest way to do this is to avoid M/A and definitely MoM.

    Not that most of you will care or more importantly agree, but I think the biggest thing that has caused this decision is the direction that this not a club has taken. I've seen calls for more organization be shot down based on who was suggesting it and yet there has been a deliberate effort by some (who just a couple of years ago were deadset against organization) to put this club on the map. I've listened to (and to be fair, participated to some extent) many a conversations and comments be made about regular attendees and new people that show up and then watched the political grandstanding that goes on to welcome all with open arms (including the Classics). It is also obvious that it is not possible to have a negative opinion about MAG service without being bashed and belittled. I loved the fact that so many people either pm'd me or told me in person about the various bad experiences that they have had!

    I'm still planning on coming to breakfast tomorrow for a little bit and will be bringing a box of MINI stuff (hats, die-cast cars, lanyards, and keychains). Want to give all of you first crack at these items before I put some of them up for sale and give some of it away.

    I hope the group can figure out the direction it truly wants to take in the future and can figure out how to make the next group of new owners (F56) feel welcomed. I'm sure I will see some of you around town at car shows and on things like Riverrun.
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    Brian, I'll be sorry to see you go. Stay in touch my friend.
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    From the MOM website:

    The Mid-Ohio Motoring is a group of Mini/MINI enthusiasts from around Central Ohio. We meet at least once a month (see the calendar) to enjoy our vehicles with other like minded enthusiasts.
    Many of our members create or manage events outside of our monthly breakfast meeting. We encourage this and hope any members who wish to attend can and will.
    Think of us as a group of friendly people who like to meet, discuss and drive our fun, little cars.
    Do not have a Mini/MINI? Come anyway! We welcome and enjoy all cars!

    Emphasis mine.

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