2nd Gen R57 Convertible Some things are priceless - Review of Cabrio in Irish Paper

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    From Independent.ie

    Sunday June 28 2009

    WITHOUT doubt, one of the most pleasurable things to do is to drive an open-top car on a sunny day with a beautiful woman beside you. That the young woman is your 16-year-old daughter, who is indulging her father and would probably rather be curled up under her duvet, doesn't really take from the experience. We are all kids at heart and taking the new Mini Cooper S Convertible for a spin last Sunday morning was like playing with a new and much desired toy.

    When the Mini was launched in the lavender-growing country of southern France earlier this year, I had two blissful days testing it. None of the fun had gone when I was driving it down Dublin's South Circular Road last weekend. It is a brilliant car. Massively responsive with beautiful rock-solid road holding, the Convertible has lost none of the saloon's incredible handling. Of course, with the stiffer Cooper S suspension, you feel every bump of the road but in a strangely perverse way, this is part of the appeal. There isn't much space for passengers in the rear but they can be managed -- as can the small boot -- with some forethought. You begin to concentrate on the essentials of life and literally get rid of your useless baggage!

    The Mini brand has been very active in the whole area of economy and limiting emissions. While we will have to wait a while for a diesel Convertible, the new edition has stop/start technology which cuts the engine when you are stationary and has made massive improvements on the last model. Emissions are down from 211 g/km to a far more satisfactory 153 and consumption in excess of 40mpg is possible. Unfortunately the car just begs to be driven fast to make the most of the 175 bhp and the lovely sounds that comes from the twin exhausts.

    On the minus side, rear visibility is compromised when the roof is up or down and the iconic large central speed dial has just become an annoyance, causing problems with glare rather than giving any useful information. And there is the price. It is a totally ridiculous €35,000. But the fun and memories the Mini has given me are priceless.

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    Let's get him together with the CNET reviewer and have a cage match to the death.
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    "launched in the lavender-growing country of southern France" "with the stiffer Cooper S suspension, you feel every bump of the road but in a strangely perverse way, this is part of the appeal." I like this review..

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