2nd Gen R59 Roadster Spoiler Problem

Discussion in '2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61' started by ChicagoRus, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I think a little WD40 or some lubricant that can stand up to cold weather in all the joints will help. Any moving part that gets moisture trapped in there will be a problem, not just for MINIs. In the 80's I always kept all the joints in those pop-up headlights well lubricated and never had a problem with the headlights not going up or down when required.

    Also, use a bit of silicon lube on any rubber weather stripping will help the windows. I noted that once, when I opened my door this winter the window did not go down a bit to help equalize the air and when I closed the door after I got in the car, I almost broke my window against the door frame.
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    Just wanted to post a quick update. We've had two major snowfalls and lots of just below and just above freezing. No problems at all. In computer terminology, I'd say - It Burped!

    I'm feeling better already - now where's the sun?
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    I think the problem only occurs in snow/thaw/freeze cycles where the thaw is only just long enough to let a soggy mass of half-thawed snow freeze up underneath the spoiler.

    Those sort of conditions are pretty rare and while I've had one this winter, I wouldn't be surprised if I don't ever have another.
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    I realize this thread is a tad old, but I just wanted to share a similar experience for anyone else who might be having this problem. I'm also experiencing a stuck spoiler, and this is the second time around. It happened exactly a year ago after driving from Florida to Canada. This year it happened after driving from Toronto to Florida, and it was also accompanied by a complete malfunction of all sound in the vehicle. The stereo, all audible warnings, even the door gong and rear sensor alert were completely inaudible. The spoiler itself would not come up at any speed, causing alarms to go off. The only workaround was to pull the car over, pry up the spoiler with my fingers (about an inch or two) then lift it manually with the switch. Once that happened, the spoiler would go up and down as normal. Having said that, if I turned off the ignition with the spoiler down, then the problem would start all over again the next time I started up. I soon realized that if I actually left the spoiler up before turning off the car, then it didn't stick when I started up again later. I simply had to turn on the car, lower the spoiler, then raise it again. It's tedious and unnecessary and something is clearly wrong. I can't keep having the spoiler "fixed" every time the seasons change. I'm inclined to think that it does have something to do with moisture or road salt getting inside, as someone stated, but it is clearly not an ice issue because the problem occurred in Florida this time around, where it was sweltering hot. I imagine the salt and moisture may have accumulated during snowstorms on the way down, and Floridian humidity might have played a role in eating away at something... but I know very little about this issue, so I'm just guessing.

    I believe the first "fix" was attributed to wires that were corroded, or a wire that came loose, though I can't be absolutely sure until I have them go over the case history with me again. The sound issue would resolve itself after a few hours of use, turning the car on and off a few time as I ran errands. It was also prevented by keeping the car out of the sun. Either way, not good. Not good at all. I'm going to look into retrofitting a fixed spoiler. Anyone know if that can be done?
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    More than a tad late to respond to this but 2.5yrs so far an no issues with the spoiler. i would be inclined to think it's entirely an issue of pivot joints there are so many and unlike a trunk these are quite exposed.
    I think rather than retrofitting a fixed spoiler, I would have tried to dismantle it and redo the joints. Than again I'm not shy about doing this kind of work...

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    I have a complete spoiler module for sale from my Coupe if you need parts or the whole assembly from when I replaced it with this. [​IMG]
    JCW fixed spoiler FTW
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    OK...this thread is a little old...but the problem isn't. Was in San Diego last night driving from point A to point B when all of a sudden spoiler malfunction alert. Spoiler was up but wouldn't go down below 30 mph. Damn beeper wouldn't stop until I shut off the car. This definitely wasn't a cold weather issue. This car (2013 Roadster) has never been in freezing weather. Parked the car and spent the night in a motel since I live 100 miles east of San Diego. In the morning I started the car and drove it around the parking lot and hit the manual lowering switch. Spoiler went down. Got out and checked it. It was about a half inch off the deck and I pushed it down the rest of the way. Continued to manually operate the spoiler. No real problem. Got on the freeway, spoiler raised automatically and went down automatically. Sometimes it goes all the way down and sometimes it stops a little short. Goes up all the way every time. Of course this happened one month to the day after the expiration of my warranty! I'm going to pull the cover off the the underside of the trunk lid and take a look...also going to WD40 all joints and see what happens.
    I forgot to mention that in the morning when I started the car and got it moving the malfunction indicator did not come back on. Also the indicator light on the manual switch showed the spoiler was up...which it was. Once I hit the switch to lower the spoiler no malfunction problems after that other than the spoiler not lowering all the way to the deck occasionally.
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    All I can think of is a little oil it sounds like it is just sticking.
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    I would recommend white lithium grease in a spray can rather than WD40. Sticks to the joints better and doesn't get shellacked over time.
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    Also lithium grease has much better hydrophobic properties than WD40.
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