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    Hey there everyone,

    For those who have not met me yet I am Erik Johnson, I own MC Speedworks and The Race Line. I help sports car owners with drive-line solutions and parts needs. I thought I would share a special deal with everyone here.

    I realize that this should probably go into the suspension section of the site and moderators please excuse the error, but not everyone looks there and I did not want anyone to miss out on this deal.

    Now there are lots of options out there to be certain, but certainly for my money the ST Suspension X-series and XTA are two options that are by FAR the best bang for the buck and right now it is even better.

    ST Suspension has a special mail in rebate for new owners of either of these setups. $100.00 rebate on the X-series, and $150.00 rebate on the XTA series. This makes these a no brainer to me, but get on these right away the rebate does not last long.

    So here is the deal, MC Speedworks will send you a set of X-series coilovers front and rear for $875.50 and you send in a rebate for to ST Suspension, located on their website or I can send it to you via email, and ST will send you back $100.00. Or you can step up to the XTA series which give you new adjustable top mounts for better camber/caster control for $1385.50, and ST Suspension will send you $150.00 back.

    These are a really nice setup, made in Germany by KW and are fantastic on the MINI. For the money, and now rebate, you simply can not do better in my opinion.

    Please give me a call, I am happy to be a part of the community here, and look forward to working with you all.

    Erik Johnson - (720) 899-6005 phone

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