1st Gen R53 Cooper S Stage One Cooling Fan Inop

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    My recent Free Fall Check-up at Prestige Mini yielded a plethera of woes for my 03 MCS and my wallet, the quote to fix everything was $2800, but the service manager reassured me that there was a 10% coupon for today. I took the list home and went to work.
    Stage 1 Cooling Fan
    Cooling fan: evidently, when the coolant temperature rises to x degrees, or your a/c is on, your cooling fan stage one is enabled. upon rise to some higher setpoint the second stage comes on (sounds like 747 taking off), sort of like the daytime running lights are your headlights at 50% power, the cooling fan is fed through a wire wound resistor (not easy to say)mounted in the plastic fan shroud... so I picked up a replacement $15 resistor in lieu of the $600 OEM Fan assembly.

    spliced it here:


    Make sure your hood latch clears:

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    $15 resistor

    How did that work out? Did it bring the low speed operation back?
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