StanceWorks Spends the ALMS Long Beach Weekend with BMW Team RLL

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    As the sun slowly rose above the eastern horizon, peeking through the streets and alleyways of Long Beach, the sky began to turn a purplish-blue. A soft ambient light draped the paddock, accentuated by the bright red highlights of illuminated tail lamps. A crew of men dressed in blue and white pushed a pair of white purebred race cars out from the upper level of the transporters and slowly lowered them to the ground. It was the day before race day, and BMW Team RLL brought a force to be reckoned with. GT Class champions two years running, the 55 and 56 American Le Mans Series M3s were fired up. The sleeping giants were awakened and ready to take on the streets of California once again.

    In March, I received a call from Bill Cobb on behalf of BMW, inviting us to join Team RLL for their race in Long Beach. As official guests of the team, Andrew and I were given media credentials and full access to the team trailers, paddock, pits, and track; an open invitation for us to do what we do best, and this time, for a group we've idolized since our adolescence. Our work began early; a frigid Friday morning at 5:00am to be specific. Andrew's and my arrival at the race track was met by a setting reminiscent of the eve of Christmas. Our excitement was at its limit, and before us, the pinnacle of GT cars sat, taunting us as though its presence was a gift.

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