Exterior 1st Gen Stripes Install Question

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by wodturner, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I am in the middle of getting 6 inch wide strip for my 'Pearl'. I am putting it on a diagonal across the bonnet. From the left of the logo to down the drivers door. There is a picture of it in my garage, photoshoped. Today I made a stripe out of painters tape and put it on. My question is, what do I do at the seams? Bonnet and fender, fender and door. Do I over lap into the 'channel' or cut right before. I never did this. It doesn't LOOK hard. I have read may instructions on this but they were always put on straight.

    06 MC 'Pearl'
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    I'm not sure, but I did change the title of the thread to something that may draw more people and moved it from the How Do I... area (it's for how to's on site features).
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    You can cut it so it stops, say 1/4", short of the seam. But I wouldn't do that for two reasons, 1) The green gaps between the white stripe may not look as clean and fluid 2) You have to worry about cutting each part by the seam perfectly or else it will show easily.

    My suggestion would be to cut each part at the seam with about a 1/2" overshoot. So that you can wrap the vinyl around the seam.

    A heat gun will really help with this, it will make the vinyl more pliable and will contour around the seam edge better as well as stick to the paint.
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    What he said above.. Fold it into the seam once cut for a continues clean look..
    What do you call that look your going after? Never seen anything like it, so it is unique..

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