Interior 1st Gen Sun Visor/Door Handle Replacement?

Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by cct1, Jul 25, 2010.

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    May 5, 2009
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    Has anyone come up with an aesthetically reasonable replacement to the swinging visor from hell above the driver's side window? I replaced it with a handle identical to what's above the passenger side window, and I have used it a total of zero times. I'm tired of banging my helmet on it, and I'd like to replace the handle with somthing that sits flush with the roof liner, that looks like it belongs there, permanently, and probably do it on both sides (When I have an instructor in the car, I doubt they appreciate it much either). Don't like the look of nothing there; looks horrible....
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    May 13, 2009
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    I am in the same spot as you. I recently had the headliner recovered and left the visor off.
    Not wanting to have something there, asked the guy to leave the holes covered, but alas, he did not. So, I have two holes gaping.
    I had thought about having 2 circular pieces of aluminum cut and mount them with countersunk screws. Then take some black vinyl, as I have a black roof now, to cover the screws.
    Just haven't gotten around to cutting and finishing the alum yet.
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    How about getting a small custom plate made at a sign or trophy shop. Put anything on it like....Made for, ouch, car name, list of tracks the car has run on....something relevant to your life and times. I may not come up with the best ideas but I thinking all the time!


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