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    The sun visors on my MINI drive me crazy. They do not extend far enough to cover the corners and that seems to be the very spot the morning sun wants to be, so I made a moveable shield to solve the problem.

    Photo#1: I found a tinted plastic visor extension and cut a section 4†wide off the end. I bought a 3/8 clamp, washers and screw from Lowes. They make plastic clamps, but they do not fit tight enough to work, so get the metal one with the rubber insert. I had to cut a section out of the top left corner, as the microphone for my hands free phone is located at the top of the “A†pillar. Place the clamp around the left visor support bar and attach the shield.

    Photo #2: Here it is in the stowed position.

    Photo #3: It can be used alone.

    Photo #4: With the visor.

    Photo #5: NOTE: Markings for the sight reticule on an old Huey Gun Ship are optional.


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