Taking the Dogs to MITM/MTTS

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    We're undecided about bringing the Mini-Poopers with us on this trip.

    On the one hand, they travel pretty well, and the daily rides won't be a problem for them. We also enjoy their company, and they can be pretty sociable when there are groups of people around, especially if there is a freindly belly rub or ear scratching involved!

    On the other hand, it's a lot of extra worry and stuff you have to haul along, plus not everywhere lets them stay in the room.....it's no problem at the Vintage where we've got a dog friendly room reserved.... but we'll be traveling some after the weekend too and might run into troubles down the road.

    Then there's cost - I'll need to buy a car top carrier to make it roomy enough to be comfortable for this trip - the cost of that would pay for their room and board at Pete and Mac's Day Spa - where we place them when we travel. On the other hand, not paying for their R&B would buy the car top carrier!

    I'm a little concerned about the events, they pretty much would have to be with us for all of them since we can't leave them in the room alone while we're gone, which limits our dinner options and such. All in all, I wonder if it's worth the effort, for both them or us, or if it might be better to leave them home so we can have a more stress free event. Of course, the whole time we're gone she'll be worried about them too.......

    We will be taking them to the Merry MINIs in the Mountains event in Arkansas this October, so they will get to make at least one trip this year.....for that event we have a cabin reserved so we can leave them for an hour or more while we have supper or meet friends for a drink or something withour disturbing the other guests.

    Anyone have any thoughts that might help sway us one way or the other?

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    Our dogs have been to the Dragon, MITM, and go with us on most club events, unless it's going to to hot. We traveled with them for a week last year before we got to MITM, and finding lodging was never an issue. We travel with a 70 lb Lab, and a 30 lb mutt, and our stuff in the Clubman. It is a bit crowded, but they have more room in the Clubman than they did in Poco.

    From what we have read, the Vintage is very dog friendly, they even have doorknob signs to warn housekeeping that dogs are alone in the room.

    We won't be bringing the teardrop, as our trip up to Canada has been pushed back. I'm taking a show to Sandy Eggo right after we get back from Colorado.

    Last year after we went to 4 corners, the dogs were not impressed with desert like conditions:lol:



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    Speaking with the staff at the Vintage last weekend I was told by them that it is fine to leave dogs in your room as long as they aren't barking too much. They are really very pet friendly. As for our activites - Cruise (pet friendly), Car Show (pet friendly), Social (pet friendly) as are all rides and the outdoor movie. I think the only place you would not be able to take them is to the Sunday brunch.

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