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    If you have a teen driver, a friend or relative, or know of one, this is a great opportunity to get some expert training and instruction on safe driving techniques.

    NASA (Norcal) will be conducting a Teen Driving & Car Control Clinic at Thunderhill Raceway, Willows, CA on November 26, 2010..

    Through classroom instruction, CHP lecture and demonstrations, and from the driver's seat of their own vehicles, some of the skills the students will learn are turning, braking, parallel parking, driving in reverse, merging into traffic, and even defensive driving techniques. The curriculum has been designed to expose both new, and experienced drivers, to different road and driving conditions, in a controlled environment with a NASA High Performance Driving Instructor in the passenger seat of the student's car. The time to practice these Life Saving Car Control Techniques is not while driving on the city streets or highways, but at a facility, and using a program, designed to tech how to react to these situations.
    The drivers will experience first hand
    • What it feels like if your car starts to slide and how to keep it under control. What it is like having two wheels go off the pavement and how to safely bring it back onto the road. What the car feels like under panic braking
    • And MUCH more
    The students and parents will also have the opportunity to see what it is like from the passenger seat of an instructor's car, and how some of the Safety Techniques apply.
    All that is required to participate is a vehicle in good condition, either a learner's permit or drivers license, closed toed shoes, and a willingness to have a fun day while learning how to save lives and become a better driver.

    Parents are encouraged to attend with their student.
    Learner's Permits okay with parent present! All students under 18 years old must have a parental waiver signed. If you have teen with a learning permit or drivers license this is a great opportunity to improve their driving skills and safe car handling.

    Please pass this along to anyone that might be interested.

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