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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by maacodale, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Okay, here's an observation I made over this weekend on the state of the MINI forums. I had to go over to the sewing site for a couple of posts my son made. Seems the trolls on the sewing site are many. Why is it, people feel the need to reply to a post that A) they don't have anything to do with and B) they can't add anything constructive? There are lots of people posting to threads just to seemingly either start something or prove how important/smart/good they are. Some of these are people that I know and shouldn't really expect such posts from them. One thread had a guy proposing a MINI run. Okay, honest enough. But one guy had to post up "too far for me". Why? I imagine it might be, but why tell the entire forum you are geographically disadvantaged for this meet up? There is another where there is a group buy for a specific rear spoiler. One member didn't like the fact it was not available for a Clubman and declared the entire thread a "waste of a special". Really? Because it wouldn't fit his Clubman? Geez, dude, get a life.

    Anyway, thanks to the folks here that post helpful, insightful, friendly information. Thanks to Nathan for developing a site that is more about the MINI than the owners egos. Sorry I ventured to the dark side, but it was only for a moment. Like I've seen mentioned before, Motoring Alliance is the friendly MINI site!
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    :cornut: Me Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incidentally, I'm on occasion 'out of line' or too Sexy in my post as it were. Nathan has helped me alot rather than just saying "Jason! You're History!" Often is the time that he PM'd me and didn't spank me in public and boy is that appreciated. He wants friendly knowledgable people to make small corrections and 'hang in there'.:Thumbsup:

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    Well said! Thank you for all your work Nathan.

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