Thieves targeting MINI Cooper door mirrors

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    Source - Telford thieves targeting Mini Cooper door mirrors « Shropshire Star

    Thieves in Telford are targeting the door mirrors of Mini Coopers as an unlikely source of cash.

    The cars have been targeted by thieves who can easily unbolt the door mirrors. It is not known why the mirrors are being stolen, but one theory is that the thieves then resell them on eBay.

    Tony Walker, who lives in Ketley and owns a two-year-old Mini Cooper, had his mirrors stolen some time between 7pm on Friday night and 7am Saturday morning.

    Mr Walker, 22, said: “When I spoke to the police they said this had happened a few times in the area, and I know someone else who it has happened to.â€

    He said: “There’s no way someone could just be walking past my house and see my car because it’s too far off the beaten track.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if I had been followed home from Telford so they knew where I lived and where I keep my car.â€

    Mr Walker said he wanted to make other Mini owners aware of what was happening and how to combat it.

    “They have been taken off professionally by taking off the bolts off, but you can buy security bolts, they’re only a couple of quid and the mirrors can’t be stolen then, and you can get them from a few places.â€

    Replacing two door mirrors on a Mini Cooper can cost up to £600 so Mr Walker and the police are keen to make other owners aware of the recent spate of thefts.

    Chris Ammonds, spokesman for West Mercia Police, said: “We would ask people to be vigilant for people acting suspiciously.

    “This has been passed on to our local policing team and it is an ongoing investigation into where these mirrors are going once they have been stolen.â€

    If you do see anyone acting suspiciously around Mini Coopers, contact the police on 101.
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