Thx to Nathan & MA for Undie 500 support

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    For the third year in a row, MINI owners from all over the Sunshine State rallied to make sure that less fortunate children across the southeast have new undies by participating in the “Undie 500â€, the brainchild of Debbie Jeffrey, a Jacksonville MINI owner. Debbie devised a way to get the MINIs involved in a Dignity U Wear “fun-raiserâ€. Her goal the first year was to bring in 500 new pair of children’s undies, thus the name. Dignity U Wear, a Jacksonville based non-profit organization that provides clothing to various charitable organizations, was started by Holocaust survivor, Henri Landwirth, who knew that being given something new could go a long way towards helping restore a person’s dignity.

    This year’s event brought Sunshine MINI owners from all corners of Florida along with some Coastal MINI owners from Georgia, each with a bagful of britches, to Orlando for a fun weekend of MINIing. We enjoyed some good motoring, a car show, dinner at an upscale Irish pub, Liam Fitzpatrick’s, and of course, the chance to hang out with some of our favorite MINI people! In addition to participation by several Florida MINI dealerships, we also received sponsorship donations from various organizations eager to help promote our event. We’d especially like to thank Motoring Alliance for it’s generous donation and sponsorship, as well as MA founder, Nathan Freedenberg for his enthusiastic support of our charity run.

    For the past three years the MINI community in Florida has consistently surpassed our Undie 500 expectations. This year we brought in 6784 pair of donated undies in addition to cash donations totaling more than $1400! It’s amazing to think we were only aiming for 500 pair of undies just two years ago! Our donations make us the Number One donor to Dignity U Wear for their underwear drive this year!

    If you want to join us next spring for the next Undie 500 watch for announcements here on Motoring Alliance. We always welcome MINI enthusiasts ready to drop their drawers for a good cause!

    Motoring Alliance logo proudly displayed

    Collecting undies (photo by Todd Jeffrey)
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    Way to go Janet and Nate! :Thumbsup:

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