1st Gen R53 Cooper S to remove the motor or not to remove the motor

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    So next week I am replacing my clutch and putting on my new brake disks, braided hoses, Hawk HPS pads and DT bypass valve. Thinks Detroit Tuned. While I am at it I plan on removing the oil pan and helicoiling it, replace the oil filter gasket and fixing any other oil leaks I find. Also I have to run down the sound I hear when letting off or giving it gas it may be one of the half shafts, and replace any worn parts along the way.
    So I am thinking it may be easer to just put the motor on the engine stand. Does anyone know if it would be easer just to take the engine and transmission out all at one time or take the transition out and do the rest with the motor in the car?
    I have done the clutch on an R53 before. That time I just pulled the transmission. but I did not have to run down all these oil leaks.

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