1st Gen R52 Cooper Convertible Top opens only in sunroof position

Discussion in '1st Generation: 2002–06 R50, R53 & 2004–08 R52' started by Gmes, Aug 1, 2013.

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    There are many topics with the same problem, but I didn't find the exact answer to my question.
    I have Mini Cooper 2005, bought with not working roof, to be precise it opens only on half and red bulb blinks
    I tried to open levers in the trunk after that roof opened a little bit more
    Now the windows go down and seems that the roof might open, but it doesn't.
    I read about shelf and seems it sets up in right position, also I don't know about ropes with balls on the shelf, what are they for?
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    1st: The little balls hanging by a cord are to lift the shelf when you raise the back half of the top.

    2nd: Just inside the boot there are two levers that swing in towards the center which releases the top. you lift up and prop it up by dropping one of the levers down to rest on the latch just below the lever. On the left side of the shelf you'll find a little foot sticking down and below it where it would rest if the shelf were down is a small push button. If the shelf doesn't go all the way down when everything is put back to rights, to top won't go down. There is also a switch on the left side where the boot hatch closes. That push button is notorious for failure by virtue of being too short. I solved the problem by sticking a small felt stick-on chair leg coaster pad on the inside of the boot hatch where it lines up with the switch. Hope either of these ideas sorts the problem.
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    What he said above ^^ I too taped my "button" on the left side down as I never take the shelf out so no worry about forgetting to have it in which is where the glass lays once the top is opened.. and yes even though I never take the shelf out it does move around from bumps etc...
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    I'm just re-reading this and wonder if the "mechanic" who decided that my motor is bad doesn't know about this feature. I need to look more closely myself. None of this resolves my problem posted elsewhere about the top going down and then seemingly dying and not responding to anything, ie; no grunts, groans, or moans when the button is pushed. No red light either. Gotta look at this stuff. I thought the shelf was a tad flimsy and couldn't figure out why I couldn't just leave it home since it didn't seem to do anything useful anyway. Now I understand. I'll check it out the day the car is due to go back to the dealer for a "repair". He'll wind up changing a motor for no reason and the top still won't work properly.

    I'm being reminded why I promised myself never to buy a used BMW again. I guess I lied!!

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