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    (cross-posted from club website [ame=]Tranquil Triangle Thursdays 2009 - Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club[/ame])

    We have been having small gatherings on the second Thursday of each month since June 2007, with the idea of having a night to socialize with other MINI owners without the distraction of driving. Chat, hang out, talk about the cars, or talk about whatever's on your mind.

    Recently, we have been trying different locations around the Triangle. Thursday at 6:30pm will stay the same, but the location of the parking lot and the restaurant will change from month to month. With crowds of 10-25 people, it's much easier to make a reservation ahead of time than wait for tables to open up at nearby restaurants. Dinner will start at approximately 7:15pm.

    The old meeting place was the outer parking lot in front of Target in Brier Creek Commons on Brier Creek Parkway in Raleigh. This spot is right next to I-540 and is easily accessible from every direction. We'll come back to this spot occasionally.

    Those of us in the Triangle want to build involvement in the area, and think this will be a great way for everyone to get out and enjoy the MINI experience.

    There are tons of MINI owners in the Triangle, and it would be great if we could get everyone involved in some fun times.

    Additionally, we will try to get the word out on other forums so people who don't normally visit our club pages can hopefully join our little gatherings as well.

    The second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pmThursday July 9, 2009 6:30pm
    Thursday August 13, 2009 6:30pm
    Thursday September 10, 2009 6:30pm
    Thursday October 8, 2009 6:30pm


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