True Hero, Sailor Killed Jumping In Front Of Officer To Save His Life

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    RIP Master at Arms

    On Monday, a sailor was shot and killed at Naval Station Norfolk. Security forces killed an armed civilian aboard a guided missile destroyer, but not before a Navy soldier was fatally wounded. Turns out that soldier was a true hero. The sailor jumped in front of an officer to save the officer’s life as fatal shots rang in the night.

    Master-at-Arms 2nd class that night, Petty Officer Mark A. Mayo, probably didn’t think when he went to his post Monday that he was going to be a hero. He was trained. He was Military Police. He knew the risks of his job, but that doesn’t make his loss any easier. He did his job to the end.

    A civilian with transport worker’s credentials approached the quarter deck of the destroyer USS Mahan. He disarmed the petty officer that challenged his being in that area. Mayo responded to the scene as head of the watch. In the end, he did his job and more, pushing the officer out of the way and receiving the fatal shot as an exchange of gunfire broke out between security forces and the civilian with the petty officer’s firearm. He sacrificed himself so his fellow soldier could live. In the end, the potential terrorist and Mayo lay dead on the scene.

    As it turns out, the civilian did not have authorization to be on board the ship, and there was no reason being given for why he was in an unauthorized area. The situation is still under investigation.

    Mayo’s brother and Captain Robert E. Clark Jr. spoke to the local NBC station in Connecticut.

    “I just don’t see how this could have happened on one of the largest Navy bases in America,†said his brother Timothy Borum. “I mean, it shouldn’t have been that simple for something like this to happen like that.â€

    The civilian drove a tractor-trailer through an entry point despite having no business on base, Navy officials said. Once on the base, he ditched the truck and got to the ramp to the Mahan.

    “Petty Officer Mayo’s actions on Monday evening were nothing less than heroic. He selflessly gave his own life to ensure the safety of the Sailors on board USS Mahan,†said Capt. Robert E. Clark, Jr., commanding officer, Naval Station Norfolk. “Petty Officer Mayo’s family has endured a tremendous loss, as have the men and women of Naval Station Norfolk, in the loss of a shipmate and friend.†~NBC Connecticut

    Mayo’s family is dealing with the loss of a loved one, and our hearts go out to them. He is to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors of the hero he is. It is tragic and heartrending, but this man is truly an American Hero
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    Rest In Peace, Petty Officer.
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    It's people like him that make our country great!
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    Rest in peace Brother.
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    He is from my hometown, both my kids went to the same high school as he

    did. RIP
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    RIP, another senseless loss. We really need to train up the gate people or tighten up more.

    Drove a semi onto the facility? Do delivery trucks get an automatic "come on in"?

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    old81 they should not have an automatic entry. The driver was on for trying to gain access to a restricted area but he should have never been close enough to get his firearm. The guy above saved another's life which I agree is senseless but as a Army MP that is just what we do and sometimes the MPs are kids right out of high school and that has always been an issue with me.
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    RIP and thank you.
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    That's right here in our area. The local news outlets aren't putting much info out. Seems the shooter had a permit to be on the base. Even though he had some felony convictions. Very interesting we aren't hearing much. A lot of suspicion is it's an attempted Ft. Hood type of attack, but thankfully, the shooter was neutralized before he could cause further harm.

    If I hear anything I'll post it.

    Other than that, RIP Petty Officer Mayo.
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    I stood a lot of quarter deck watches as Petty Officer of the watch armed with a Colt 1911 ACP and two magazines carried on the hip in a leather holster with a snapped down flap. I've thought about this now for a few days and still, for the life of me, don't understand how the guy could have gotten ahold of the side arm unless the PO had it drawn and was just clumsy with it. The messenger of the watch carries or at least used to carry a nightstick. That would have been a much better discourager for some guy trying to force his way aboard. A good sharp whack across the kidneys would have taken him down easy.
    Of course my experience was 50+years ago so no telling how nanny has changed things around since then.
    Needless to say, the young petty officer did the unthinkable and stepped into the Halls of Heroes. A permanent bronzed plaque should become an integral part of that ship's quarterdeck marking that spot as hallowed ground.

    Another name to add to the list of potential Arleigh Burke class destroyer names?
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    Fair winds and following seas Petty Officer.
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