Two new blog posts: Liquid batteries and automotive turbines

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles' started by Dr Obnxs, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Check out my blog for the latest in thought provoking commentary! (he writes sarcastically). One is a short peice on what could be interesting tech: Redox flow batteries that can be charged just like pumping gas!

    The other one really took some time to put together, it's about some applications of automotive turbine technology, then, now and not too far from now.

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    Nice blog, Dr Obnxs!! The story about the batteries makes me hopeful for success with alternative energies for our future MINIs.

    Can I exchange links with you? Confessions of a MINIac - [Confessions of a MINIac] :D
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    My favorite gas turbine engined car was Andy Granatelli's Studebaker STP Special "Silent Sam" that Parnelli Jones nearly won the 1967 Indy 500 in.


    Here it is on display in the museum in Indianapolis.



    It lead 171 of 200 laps but suffered a gearbox failure on lap 197. As is typical of governing bodies when something so good comes along that it puts everyone and everything else to shame, USAC immediately changed the rules so as to essentially outlaw it.
  4. rkw

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    I'm old enough that I remember as a kid when the turbines entered the Indy 500. In just the first year, the new technology was performing so well and seemed so fundamentally superior that it seemed it would make piston engines obsolete. I was a racing fan and tech/science geek, and as a kid it was exciting watch this happening.

    Even after only the first year, it was clear that turbines might dominate the Indy 500, and USAC's reaction was to severely reduce the allowed inlet area. Even with the restriction, the next year a turbine qualified in pole position and was leading late in the race before it dropped out for mechanical reasons. It was very disappointing when USAC added more rules that effectively banned turbines. Just try to imagine where the technology would be today if they had continued to race.

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