1st Gen R52 Cooper Convertible Underbody Panel Mounting/Moss Skid Plate

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    I am putting a Moss Skid Plate under my '05 MCSc 6-speed where the underbody panel use to be. I purchased the car and later found out the underbody panel wasn't even there.

    I have received the new skid plate from Moss, it came with 4 mounting bolts for the lengthened rear portion but installation requires the reuse of the original hardware on the front and mid section which I don't have. I have been hunting around on parts websites to try and figure out what I will need to order. I have concluded that I will need two quick release screws and circlips (?), but fiche linked below doesn't show the three bolts for the front of the panel under the bumper.

    Can someone please confirm what I will need to install this new plate. I would really appreciate it.

    The link below is where I found the panel... it seems a bit odd in that the parts list only has options for automatic transmissions.

    RealOEM.com BMW R52 Cooper S Underbody paneling, front

    This fiche doesn't seem to help either.

    RealOEM.com BMW R52 Cooper S Trim panel, bumper, front Cooper S

    Thanks again!
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    I might be reading it wrong, in the first RealOEM link you posted it looks like there is an entry fo manual Transmission:

    For vehicles with
    Automatic transmission = No

    01 Underbody paneling, front 1 01/2005 07/2007 51757125996 ENDED

    This is the third line in the parts list. I added the bold print that I think shows it's for manual transmission.

    You may wish to get the part number and call a dealer just to be sure. Unfortunately, beyond that I can't help further in your problem.

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