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    REVISED 3-13-2010

    March 16th Social Meet: Bigelows, Edwardsville IL
    March 20th SCCA Tech-O- Rama @ Lynch Hummer 17371 N. Outer 40, Chesterfield Valley
    April 8th Social Meet: The Firehouse, Lafayette Sq. MO (note location change)
    April 10th & 11th PCA Track Day @ Gateway International Raceway
    April 17th Spring Rallye, Location TBA, (all new route, don’t miss it)
    April 24th Dyno & Tuner event Contact: [email protected] for more information
    April 28th – May 2nd MINIS On The Dragon Deal’s Gap, NC
    May 1st Social Meet: Fast Eddy’s Bon Aire, Alton IL
    June 3rd Social Meet: The Boat House in Forest Park
    June 5th & 6th BMW Track Day @ Gateway International Raceway
    June 12th Scavenger Hunt, Location TBA
    June 13th European Car Show, Plaza Frontenac (lets have a good turnout this year)
    June 19th Ticket To The Beatles, Jefferson Barracks (more info to follow)
    July 7th Social Meet: O’Leary’s Restaurant, Sunset Hills, MO
    July 31st Bobby’s Custard Cruise, Maryville, IL
    August 6th – 8th MINI Takes The States, Denver, CO
    August 12th – 14th MINIS In The Mountains, Winter Park, CO
    August 18th Eckerts Restaurant, Belleville, IL
    August 21st & 22nd The Micro/Mini Car World Meet, Chicago IL
    August 28th The Balducci Run, Augusta, MO
    September 21st Schneidhorst Deck, Frontenac, MO
    September 25th & 26th PCA Track Day @ Gateway International Raceway
    October 3rd Annual Picnic, Location TBA
    October 16th Fall Rallye, Location TBA
    November 10th Schlafly Brewery, Maplewood, MO
    December 11th Holiday Light Rallye, Grantwood Village, MO

    Another event to remember is the first Saturday of each summer month there is a very casual car show, known as Cars & Coffee from 9:00am till 11:00am at St. Louis Motorsports, Arnage Blvd. Chesterfield Valley. A good chance to see those dream cars at the dealership and talk cars with other gear heads. (we had a good group of MINIs at the first event this month)

    As you can see, we have added many events, with more to come. Keep checking your e-mail, North American Motoring, Motoring Alliance, and FACEBOOK (be sure to become a friend of the St. Louis Mini Club) for more information on all these events. We hope to see you at one soon.

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