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    Way Motor Works has several events we will be attending and hope to see YOU there.

    First off is one of our Chicago Mod Party June 20th and 21st, we have a great facility with lifts and will be able to do about any mod you want from pullies to swaybars and even those worn out control arm bushings. Go to the chicago MINI club site for more info. or call us.

    Then at the end of the month we will be attending Mini meet East meets West in MN. June 29-July 3rd We will be able to do Installs there too.

    And last but definetly not least we will be at MITM in Copper CO. Aug 5-9th

    Don't forget your ALWAYS welcome to just come hang out at our event or we can bring you parts to save you shipping. You don't have to be getting it installed to come. The more the Merry.

    We have moved to our new facility in Atlanta Ga and Love it. We are still willing to do Mod parties so if your interested let us know and we'll put it together.

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