Video: MINI - How do you drive your coffee?

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    To promote the spaciousness and handling of its MINI Countryman, car brand MINI set up a ‘coffee bar’ that lets users test drive the cars for a cup of coffee.

    The coffee bar is a MINI Countryman equipped for coffee making and serving, that shows off how much the vehicle can store.

    With the special computerchips in six other MINI Countrmans, the cars could track and analyze the driving style of the test-driver.

    Depending on the driver’s personal driving style, the MINI would link the analytics to a matching coffee profile.

    If you drive like a Formula 1 driver, it gives you a strong Ristretto. If you drive at 30mph, maybe a mild Americano.

    How do you drive your coffee?

    [ame=]MINI - How do you drive your coffee? - YouTube[/ame]

    From MINI Netherlands. Used Google Translate for the below text where MINI will come to your office.

    The MINI Coffee Bar is a cool MINI Countryman complete with all equipment for a good coffee serving. He transforms you car park directly into a new coffee corner.

    If your business is selected we will contact you to coming to discuss. On the appointed day we come along and take the next coffee also six different MINI models along. In any MINI is a high-tech chip that translates perfectly to your personal driving style coffee profile.

    After riding this coffee is for you. From Mild to Strong Lungo Ristretto.

    So you work in a company with ample parking and you love good coffee? Invite the MINI Coffee Bar in, and we will for an unforgettable experience. Saves you another round of coffee.
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    Mmmm coffee. Mine would contain leaked oil, a bit of antifreeze & a topping of brake dust. Just the way I like it! :D

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