Video: P1 teaser - the first CTCC broadcast

Discussion in 'Racing MINIs' started by Nathan, Jul 4, 2012.

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    It is finally here! On Thursday, July 5th, 2012, at 8:30pm Eastern, a TV show based on the drivers in the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) presented by Continental Tire. This 30-minute lifestyle-reality television series about people that race cars will be aired on Sportsnet One!

    P1 will delve into the personalities and passion of Canada's top race car drivers as they strive to become celebrated winners throughout the CTCC season. Eight episodes will be produced this season; seven teams will be featured and followed throughout the season.

    Our first featured driver is P.J. Groenke. P.J. had some rough times last season and this year he decided to go with a new team, in new class with a new car. P.J. is known to have quite a temper behind the wheel. Will that change this season? To find out, don't miss the first episode of P1.

    This show is probably not available in the US...bummer.

    [ame=]P1 teaser - the first CTCC broadcast - YouTube[/ame]
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    In previous years there's been a different series of shorter shows called "This is Canadian Touring Car." Like this one, each episode focused on an individual or team in the CTCC.

    Here's a sample from 2011:

    [ame=]This is Canadian Touring Car - Week 4 2011 - P.J. Groenke - YouTube[/ame]

    "This is Canadian Touring Car" could be found online...maybe this new series will be also?

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