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    I've mentioned this a few time in the past but wanted to get the word out again.

    We are wrapping up the development of the latest version of the Garage. One of the features our clients want is a way to hide all Garages that do not have an image in the Garage Image block. That is now built into the latest version.

    What am I takling about you may wonder.

    In various places where Garages are displayed one see's a screen such as this:


    Note all those where instead of the vehicle there is an Upload Photo image instead. That is due to the fact that these people have not added an image into this block when creating a Garage.

    The Garage Image Block:

    There are other locations on this site where Garages are displayed. Once the new version is installed all these with no main image will be hidden.

    Owners of these Garages will see a note that the Garage is not in the public view.

    Please update your Garage very soon to include a main image and your Garage will not be hidden from view.


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