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    Feb 24, 2015
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    I just wanted to mention some fast service I got from Way Motor Works.

    I decided this past Thursday evening to order a set of new front brake pads. "Evening" as in after business hours. I placed my order online for a set of EBC Greenstuff brake pads and I was surprised little later, since it was in the evening, to glance at my phone and see that I had received an order confirmation via email. I put it down to some automated system kicking a generic email out to me. Okay, pretty typical these days.

    But when I looked at my phone the next morning I saw I had a new email, which had been sent well past midnight, containing a tracking number for the package. Yes, my parts had apparently been pulled, boxed, and the order was waiting for shipment complete with tracking number - with all that work having been done that night. I hadn't selected any special fast shipping option - just the regular. But today is Monday, and this afternoon the parts just arrived. That means I can start on this project this evening instead of waiting. The parts got to me quickly because Way Motor Works kicked butt on processing that sucker so fast!

    I appreciate the very quick service!
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    I've been a big fan of WMW for years now, I'm glad to hear they're still living up to their Rep!

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