WAY has F56 Suspension Love

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    Way Motor Works is excited to announce that the suspension upgrades for the F56 MINI are rolling in.
    These upgrades will bring the sporty feel and performance back to the Gen 3 MINI.
    We all know the rear sway bar has proven to be the best suspension bang for the buck mod.
    So again make it the first mod for your F55 F56
    NM Engineering 22mm Rear Sway Bar F55 F56 - Way Motor Works

    Then add some stronger end links rather than the stock plastic ones.
    NM Engineering Rear Sway Bar Endlinks F55 F56 - Way Motor Works

    Finally add some Camber to the front tires to improve handling, reduce understeer, and save tire wear.
    Powerflex adjustable front camber bushings.
    Powerflex Front Control Arm Camber Adjustment Bushings F55 F56 - Way Motor Works

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