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    Way Motor Works will again be attending MINIs on the Dragon this year. This will be our 13th year motoring on the dragon. If you want WAY to perform an install, ECU Tune, Programming and Coding, or have a part on hand we ask you to please schedule an appointment and pre-order your parts. In years past we've had to turn people away or didn't have the part they wanted on hand to sell them and we hate to do that. Having an appointment and pre-ordering will ensure we have the parts you need and the time to install them.
    As an extra incentive we are currently offering several parts that will come with a FREE install if you pre-order.

    What we will be doing: Sway Bars, Strut Braces, Intakes, Exhaust, Pulleys, Intercoolers, Brakes, ECU performance Tunes Stages 1-3, Programming and Coding options, X braces, Trim install, Alarm installs, Windshield Chip repair, and more (just ask).

    Why use WMW? Our experience can't be beat. We've been working on MINIs since 2002 and have been certified by MINI. We warranty all of our work, and most importantly we are licensed and insured as this is our FULL time job.

    Even if you don't want any work done, all our customers are welcome to attend our WMW Tent Party.​

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