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    I purchased this a few months back but have decided that I dont want to go this with modding my with my car, so I am offering it up for sale. My loss is your gain.

    This is the factory JCW manifold, it is an upgrade over the stock S manifold as it has a better design.

    This Exhaust Manifold has shorter runners to help turbo spool, also they are much straighter than the original MINI OEM manifold. Then looking inside the manifold you find the casting is much smoother to help improve flow too. Also, the icing on the cake, this manifold weights almost 2 lbs less than the stock unit.

    You will see the TQ and HP gains through the mid-range of the powerband rather than more peak numbers.

    Turbo Exhaust Manifold R55 R56 R57 - Way Motor Works

    Click here to view photos:


    Looking to get $300, will ship for free via Fedex

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